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One Night In Paradise, "Salar Dareh" Hotel

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Spend One Day In "Naghsh-e Jahan" Sqaure

Above the Clouds in "Fil Band"

Catch the Stars In "Kavir-e Mesr" Desert


How can I get Iranian visa on-arrival?

To make it easy to visit beauties of Iran, passport holders of more than 180 countries all over the world can get on arrival visa upon arriving to the international airports around Iran.
only the people from countries in the bottom can not do this;
USA, England, Canada,Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Colombia, Pakistan, India, Iraq, Jordan

How can I get my visa much easier?

You cna proceed your visa through us by the visa department. It just costs you 15$ and you can get your visa anywhere you prefer without any wasting the time.

Which countries do not need visa for travel to Iran?

All the people from countries in the bottom they don not need to get Iranian visa:
Turkey, Bolivia, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Egypt, Malaysia, Azerbaijan

I am Azerbaijanis, Do I need visa to travel to Iran?

Recently, the Azerbaijanis passport holders they do not need to get Iranian visa any more.

Is Iran safe to travel?

For sure, just clear your mind about what you have hear about Iran so far in the news.
you can travel to Iran to see what is the real Iran and Iranian kind people.
ask people who have come before.

Hi, I want to travel to Iran for a treatment Period. What can I do?

Hi there,
it is our pleasure to inform you that you can travel to Iran for any treatment.
Iran is one of the most powerful countries about treatment and the most important note is that it is very cheap to compare the other countries.
we can do all you need from A to Z.
visit our Treatment tours and contact us for more information.

How can I get multiple entry visa for Iran?

for the first multiple entry visa you must have travel at least three times during the last year with business visa and you can proceed for your first multiple visa for 3 months. for next times it will extend.

can I travel to Iran without visa?

You can travel and stay at the free zones in Iran without any visa. All the free zones are in the bottom;
Kish, Qeshm, Anzali, Arvand, Chabahar, Aras, Maku

I want to travel to Iran, but I have no idea what to do and when?

It is better to know what is your suppose to travel?
Iran is a four season country and it has culture, nature, history, and also adventure.
Any time you come to Iran there is high season for somewhere and you can do many things.

I want to explore Iran by myself. Is that possible?

Only the passport holders of England, United States and Canada, they must travel through a tour operator.

I am in Iran at the moment. I want to extend my visa. What to do?

You can extend your visa only once and up to one month more, if you would contact us for more.

Is it necessary to introduce a host to get Iranian visa?

No, It is not necessary to have a host in Iran. but it is optional to introduce

How long it takes to get Iranian visa?

It takes only 5-7 days to get Iranian visa.

I want to use CIP services at IKA airport. can you do this for me?

It is our pleasure to inform you that we can provide you every single travel services; such as CIP, domestic tickets, accommodation, visa, car rental, tour excursions, treatment services, etc.
for any request contact us via email: incoming@shabahangparvaz.com

I have heard about the rules of dressing. what to dress?

Men should wear long trousers and a shirt. Short sleeves are fine although locals generally do not show their arms.
Ladies must wear long trousers or a full-length skirt and a loose tunic top (that covers ones middle zone); Also they need to take a scarf to cover their heads at all time.

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